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How much coverage do you need in order to protect your family should you die prematurely? Will they have the funds they need to cover final expenses and Read more >

Needs Calculator

The Needs Calculator allows you to compare the policy beneficiary's estimated future expenses to their estimated income in order to calculate the amount of Read more >


The QuickCalc provides a quick, general estimate based on your annual income. As a rule of thumb, experts recommend you have coverage of at least five to Read more >

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Annual Income

1. Policy Beneficiary's Living Expenses

Annual Expenditures Years
With dependents
Without dependents
Groceries, clothing, utilities, gasoline, insurance, travel, charitable contributions, etc.

2. Education Expenses

Annual Expenditures Years
Child 1
Child 2
Child 3
Child 4
Pre- and post- secondary school expenses per child. Current average college tuition: public - $10,000 per year; private - $20,000 per year. Also, consider other substantial expenses: books, room & board, etc.

3. Policy Beneficiary's Debt

Annual Expenditures
Home loan
Car loan(s)
Home equity loan
Credit Cards
Other debt
Estimate the amount needed to pay off each of these debts, as applicable.

4. Final Needs Expenses

Annual Expenditures
Funeral expenses (typically $5,000 to $7,000). Medical expenses not covered by insurance (typically $5,000). Probate or administrative expenses (typically 5% of estate value).

5. Policy Beneficiary's Income and Benefits

Annual Expenditures Years
Annual income
Social Security
Other retirement
Life Insurance Coverage
Beneficiary's annual after-tax wages and investment income. Annual Social Security benefits. Other annual retirement or pension income. Your current life insurance coverage (only if kept in force).

The calculator does not take into account inflation (currently estimated at 3.96%- 4% per year) or other factors that affect your future needs, which you may want to discuss with a Life Insurance Central Licensed Representative.